Selecting Food As Per The Diet Pyramids

The food pyramid of adults includes the highest amount of water and it states that 8 glasses of water should be taken each day. Water can come from any of the food products such as vegetable or fruit juices, non fat milk, or non fat soups.

If you are selecting food as per the diet pyramids, you should be cautious to include only lean meat and low fat dairy products. Unsaturated cooking oil should be included to prevent formation of bad cholesterol in the body. Unsaturated fat is found in peanut oil, olive and canola oils. The sunflower oils and corn oils contain poly saturated fats, which can be taken but coconut oil, palm oil, dairy products and meats contains saturated fat should be avoided or taken in restricted quantity.

The nutrition label should be checked to see the amount and type of fat present in the food product.

Reduce intake of saturated fat and food containing good amount of sugar should be eliminated from the diet.

Levels of food pyramids for adults

1. The bottom of the food pyramid includes whole grains and fortified grains. Grains and cereals form the base of the food pyramid, and it mostly contains carbohydrate. It is needed to get energy for the daily work. Cereals should be included in the high amount in the diet. Cereal can be taken from brown rice, whole wheat bread and bran cereals. At least six servings of whole grains should be taken in a day's diet.

2. The next level is of vegetables and fruits: You should include three or more servings of bright colored vegetables in the diet. You should also take at least two servings of deep colored fruits. You can take one cup of raw leafy vegetables or half a cup of cooked vegetables. Three-fourth cup of vegetable juices should be taken and two to four serving of fruits should be taken. You can take orange, apples or bananas one time in a day and half a cup chopped fruits or three fourth of cup of fruit juices can be included. One should avoid fruit juices which contains high amount of preservatives or chemicals and sugar.

3. The third level includes the low and non-fat dairy products. One should include at least three servings of these products in a day along with the dry beans, nuts, fish, lean meat, poultry and eggs. These products provide a good amount of iron and zinc. You can take two or more servings of meat and eggs. Egg, peanut butter, nuts and dry beans can be taken depending on the number of calories required by the body.

4. Trans fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt can be taken in small quantities and it is depicted on the top of pyramid along with the vitamins and mineral supplements which is not required by all people but some may have to take vitamin D, calcium and Vitamin B12 supplements to meet the daily requirements.

You can take 6 teaspoons of sugar in a day in case the calorie requirement of the body is 1600 and if the calories requirement of the body is 2200, you can take 12 teaspoons of sugar in a day.
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